What is the Merit Badge Program?

The Merit Badge Program gives boys the opportunity to pursue studies and skills in over 100 areas of interest. The program is intended to encourage boys to increase their skills in things they already enjoy doing and give them a chance to try new activities that may result in new interests.

Merit badges are earned either at summer camp or with registered merit badge counselors in the troop or council. They are worn on the green merit badge sash available at the Scout Shop. The merit badge sash should to be worn at all courts of honor or any scout function that requires a full “Class A” uniform. A court of honor is a special ceremony that is held usually every four months where the troop members are awarded the rank advancements and merit badges that have been earned.

There are 14 specially required Eagle merit badges that have been selected to challenge boys in multiple endeavors of study and to teach important core life skills.  They are:

1. Camping

2. Cooking

3. Cycling, Hiking or Swimming

4. Citizenship in the Community

5. Citizenship in the Nation

6. Citizenship in the World

7. Communications

8. Lifesaving or Emergency Preparedness

9. Environmental Science or Sustainability

10. Family Life

12. First Aid

13. Personal Fitness

14. Personal Management


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