What equipment should scouts bring on campouts?

The troop owns much of the equipment needed on a campout: tents, cooking equipment, cleaning utensils, tables, first aid kits, etc. However, the scouts should bring their own personal equipment for their own comfort:

· Class “A” Uniform (Scout shirt w/ jeans)

· Extra shirts, pants, socks, shoes

· Weather gear (poncho, jacket, sweatshirt, etc.)

· Underwear/pajamas

· Sleeping bag/pillow

· Cot/mat

· Backpack/duffel bag

· Towel

· Soap/shampoo/deodordorant

· Toothbrush/toothpaste

· Comb/brush/mirror

· Flashlight w/ extra batteries

· Pocket knife and Totin’ Chip card

· Insect Repellent

· Sunscreen

· Boy Scout Handbook

· Watch

· Binoculars

· Musical instrument

· Camera/film

· Bible/prayer book

· Personal first aid kit

· Sewing kit

· Compass

· Whistle