What does the troop do on campouts?

Most months, the troop goes on a two-night campout to different places. On Friday night, we meet at the Church (with our sack dinners and Class A uniforms) and then depart after the scouts are accounted for. When we arrive at the campsite, we set up the patrol cooking areas and our personal tents, eat a small snack, and either play games or go to sleep (but most likely the former!!).

Activities on the campout vary according to the campsite. Campsites on lakes or rivers provide the opportunity to take advantage of water sports. Swimming, canoeing, and motor boating are among the activities available to the scouts at such sites. Organized games are another major activity. Some campouts have themes such as second class/first class advancement, a conservation project, or cooking.

On Sunday the troop holds an interfaith worship service and then holds a troop meeting before conducting a final clean up process.

At the end of the campout, the entire troop does a “police line” which means simply to slowly walk in a straight line, side-by-side, picking up trash in the campsite.

There are two campouts that are different from normal troop campouts: the “Freeze-o-Ree” cold weather campout in January and the Fall Camporee. These are usually held at McGimsey Scout Park, Bear Creek, or such large boy scout camp and all troops and patrols in the district come to compete in different events for awards. However the same troop rules apply for ANY campout, including the troop Code of Conduct.