How is the Boy Scouts of America structured?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is broken down by geographic region into several different groupings:

BSA: Almost every country in the world has a Boy Scout program. The Boy Scouts of America was first started in 1910 with a single troop, Troop 1, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are different uniforms for every country’s scout program. For more information about the uniform, refer to the Boy Scout Handbook.

Council: The BSA is further divided across the country into councils. The council patch on the uniform’s right shoulder indicates the council that the troop is from. There are different patches and different names for every council. Ours is the Alamo Area Council and the council office and scout store are located at McGimsey Scout Park at the corner of Northwest Military Highway and Lockhill Selma Road.

District: Each council is further divided into districts. Troop 650 is in the Summit district.

Troop: The troop is a group of patrols sponsored by a Chartered Organization and directed by a Troop Committee consisting primarily of the parents of the scouts.  Troop 650 is chartered by Condordia Lutheran Church.

Patrol: The patrol is a team of boys, usually six to eight, who work together to achieve goals whether it is to cook a meal, win a game, or compete in a camporee event.