How are troop meetings organized?

Meeting Frequency

We hold troop meetings Sunday afternoon at the Concordia Lutheran Church in the old worship center (building to the right of the newer large worship center). See the “Calendar” link to the left in the first segment of this page for specific dates and activities.


Troop Officers

The chain of command in the troop is:

1. Senior Patrol Leader (SPL): under age 18, the highest boy authority under the adults, conducts the troop and PLC meetings and provides leadership on troop activities

2. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL): helps out the SPL with whatever is needed, mentors Patrol Leaders

3. Patrol Leader (PL): provides leadership for an individual patrol

4. Assistant Patrol Leader (APL): provides aid to the patrol leader.  Not all patrols have or need a APL.  Troop 650 uses this position to groom potential leaders such as PL.

4. Patrol Member: acts as a participant in the patrol following the leadership direction of the patrol leader.


The troop’s ancillary leadership roles are:

1. Troop Guide: serves as guide and aide to new scouts

2. Scribe: handles paperwork and troop records for the troop, maintains attendance

3. Quartermaster: is responsible for maintaining the troop-owned equipment primarily stored in the troop trailer

4. Librarian: is responsible for maintaining the troop library of merit badge pamphlets and other books and providing a campfire program at all campouts.

5. Chaplain Aide: provides benediction at troop meetings and courts of honor as well as holds an interfaith worship service on the Sunday of campouts.

6. Historian: documents events for the troop such as troop meetings, courts of honor, campouts and summer camp.

7. Bugler: ensures that the troop is prepared to conduct proper flag ceremonies at troop meetings, courts of honor, campouts and other community events.  He also wakes us up by playing revile and retires us at night with taps.


The adult leadership roles:

1. Scoutmaster (SM): The scoutmaster is the top level adult leader and is responsible for executing the scouting program with the Senior Patrol Leader.

2. Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM): The ASM is assigned to a patrol (Troop 650 has 5 patrols and 5 ASM’s) and acts as an adult mentor to that patrol working with the patrol leader.

3. Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM): The JASM is a recent adult scout (just turned 18) that participates with the troop as acts as an adult leader and mentor to younger scouts.