The “Troop 650 Philosophy”

Troop 650 is a “boy run, boy led” troop.  This means that the boys make many of the decisions about campouts, hikes, and other activities.  It also means that the boys are expected to be self-disciplined and handle issues in a Scout-like manner.  The adults are present largely to provide overall direction and the benefit of their experiences to guide the boys to make good decisions.  We believe that this approach is consistent with the leadership objectives of BSA and gives the boys the greatest opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Troop 650 Code of Conduct

I agree that as a member of Boy Scout Troop 650 I am expected to follow the Scout Oath and Scout Law at all times.  In keeping with the standards set forth in the Oath and Law, I will not bring alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or firearms to any event, nor will I engage in inappropriate behavior, nor will I intentionally cause the destruction or abuse of any property.  I understand that failure to comply with the above will result in appropriate consequences that may result in my parent or guardian being called to remove me from the activity immediately.

I also agree not to bring any items that may interfere with the purpose of the meeting or activity (such as fireworks, skateboards, stereos of any type, etc.).   I will respect my fellow Scouts and adult leaders and do my best to carry out the tasks assigned to me.  I will not leave the meeting or activity site.  I will wear my uniform properly.  I will use appropriate language at all times.

I understand that if I should not act in accordance with this code while attending a Troop meeting or activity, the consequences of my actions may lead to expulsion from the meeting or event and suspension from future meetings or activities.  By my registration in this Troop and my signature below, I indicate that I have read this Code of Conduct and agree to be bound by its terms.