January 17, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – January 19, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Huebner Ranch

Description: 299 FM 2091 N
Gonzales, TX 78629-6215

We will exit at Buccee’s Luling location off I-10 and meet up. From there it is less than 10 minutes through Palmetto St. Park to entrance of ranch. We visited last weekend and picked out a spot that is approximately 100 yards to the river and 1/2 mile to the small lake and dock area. There are several trails you may hike or strike out across the pasture and pecan bottoms along the river. There will be fishing opportunities for MB at any of the 3 small lakes and swimming with adequate adult supervision and LG. There are docks at all three and a zip line at one. The river is large and fast flowing so i would suggest we keep swimming to the lakes. However, there is excellent fishing and a large shoal area near our campsite. There are miles of trails if any Hiking MB scouts/adults want to coordinate that. This is a working ranch with about 550 head of cattle on approx 2500 acres on the main ranch. Right now, the grass is green and the weather warming up so it will be great time to visit. Consider this primitive camping as there will not be a water spigot and outlet in your campsite or bathroom nearby. We can build a latrine similar to the one outlined in the handbook, use catholes, or I can set up a port-a-tent and composting RV toilet. Cell service is good and there is easy driving access to town or the ranch barn/office facilities about 1.5 miles away. There is wood to burn for our campfire out there but i would warn scouts to be mindful of snakes and don’t mess with the cows. We can fill water if needed at the barn but Luling water has a sulfur taste to it so you will probably be better off filling our water jugs prior to leaving (Quartermaster). There are no picnic tables either, so Grubmaster be prepared.