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Troop 650 Kickoff Event

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Back to School Pool Party!
Food. Fun. Info.

Parker Goodman Eagle Project

I have scheduled dates for my Eagle Project, and I would like to invite other scouts to help me build benches on August 8, August 9. I have chosen August 15 as well, in case we need more time to complete the benches.

Light Breakfast : 7:30am
Work hours will be 8:00am to 3:00pm, lunch provided with lots of water throughout the day.

What to bring: Safety goggles, gloves, and power drills if they could, as I do not have any extra safety goggles and gloves are limited.

I divided the project into two parts; assembly, which requires power tools is best for scouts fourteen and older with a couple adults to help with using a table saw and circle saw. The second part, which will be late August or early September, is painting and clear coating, which is good for scouts of all ages. More on part two to follow, after we finish the assembly process.

If you can come help have them call, text, or email me. Check your email for info.


Webelo Activity Day

Dear Troop 650 – We unfortunately had to scuttlebutt the upcoming backpacking trip on December 13th due to scheduling conflicts. We will reschedule this event in February at a location to be determined. More details will follow.

So that we have a troop activity this month we will be hosting an afternoon outing on December 13th at Eisenhower Park, starting at 3:00 pm. This activity will serve two purposes; 1) to give our scouts an opportunity to check of on key requirements for Second and First Class ranks. 2. to host an activity for the Webelos scouts that have expressed an interest in joining Troop 650. Joshua Milford and Nick Flores will be teaching the following skills: Second Class 1a and First Class 8a, b, c, d. We will also take a hike in the park to check on the ambitious Eagle project that our very own Alexander Rosenwald accomplished.

Please RSVP! The PLC would like to have 90% participation from the troop to help show these future Boy Scouts what we are all about.


Click to RSVP – Will you be interested in attending Webelos Activity Day on Saturday, December 13th, 3pm?

PLC Meeting

Summer Camp – El Rancho Cima

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In-State Summer Camp opportunity-
Troop 650 has committed to a second summer camp this year for any of our scouts who couldn’t go to our out of state camp.
Camp date: July 13-19.

Fees: $250 per scout (depending on activities-see guide)
Adults-you are invited to attend. $125 per adult. Also, you will need to take (in-person) Youth Protection Training. Information will be forthcoming on those opportunities.

Fees are due to Treasurer on or before April 22.
Please make checks payable to Troop 650.

Parents have an opportunity to have BSA training (to be announced).
If your scout has taken the Troop 650 Swim Test this year, they will not have to retake the test at this camp.

Please let us know…
Scout name:
Parent phone number:
Parent email:
Merit badges and/or program requested:

Important: Please review merit badge lists to ensure there are no conflicting times for classes requested. Conflicts will delay your registration and possibly exclude your son from requested class as registrations are ongoing this month.
Also include secondary requests in case the classes are full.

Merit badge list:

Program information:

Leaders Guide:

Any questions, please review leader guide or contact Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Flores

Five Mile Hike, Second Class Requirement 1a and 1b

Troop 650: You will have an opportunity complete a five mile hike (a requirement for Second Class) on Saturday, June 7, at Government Canyon State Natural Area located at 12861 Galm Road (in the Helotes area off Loop 1604). We will meet at 9:30 a.m. in front of the visitor’s center (the closest parking is in Lot A). This is a state park, so if you do not have a park pass then you may need to pay the entrance fee at the park entrance, but parents may not have to pay if you explain that you’re dropping off your child for the event and not staying yourself. We also have a Youth Pass that will allow scouts over 13 and a couple parents in for free. I will try to work something out with the rangers.

I need at least one other adult to participate, so parents please let me know if you can attend also!
Please note that if there is a lot of rain the day before, the park trails may be closed and we may need to change to an alternate park. Please check your email for location updates the day prior and early that morning just in case.
Hydrate well the day before so you don’t start the morning dehydrated (don’t overdo it, just drink when you’re thirsty on Friday and don’t let yourself get parched).
You need to dress for the weather, so if it’s hot (and it likely will be) dress in cool clothes, preferably moisture-wicking, light in color. Wear a hat. If you don’t have hiking boots, wear good sturdy closed-toe shoes like running shoes. If you are going to purchase hiking books, wear them around some before our hike so you know if they fit well or have any areas that rub. Wear good socks.
Bring the following:

1. your personal first aid kit
2. poncho, check the weather
3. water/fluids (nalgene type bottles/hydration pack): The hike will take about 2.5 hours, and it will probably be hot, so bring at least 2.5 quarts of water There are water fountains at the visitor center, but there is NO water available to refill bottles on the trail. Also, an electrolyte drink of some kind wouldn’t hurt, especially if you tend to sweat a lot. Nuun tablets (which dissolve in water) are a good option, or Gatorade will do. But you don’t want electrolyte drinks exclusively, you would alternate what you’re drinking.
3. food. You will probably want or need to take in a few calories, so throw a couple granola bars, trail mix (or whatever you like) in your pack.
4. whistle
5. sunscreen (apply some as soon as you arrive but bring a small container to re-apply on the trail)
6. compass
7. toilet paper (not a whole roll, just enough, just in case)
8. camera (optional)
9. pencil and small notebook
10. pocket knife (if you have earned your totem chip and are authorized to carry one).
11. something to put all of the above in to carry on the trail (a backpack or something).

Before we hit the trail, we will have a brief class on how to use a map and compass, but we will try to hit the trail as early as possible after 9:30 as the day will just keep getting hotter! We should be done by 12:30 pm.

Flags at Fort Sam Houston

Bring your Scouts out to participate in this
patriotic event of honoring our nation’s heroes!

Alamo Area Council Information Page and Flyer

 Water
 Sunscreen & hat
 Screwdriver & mallet for
ease in placing flags

Scout Uniform Recommended

RSVPs and Permission Slip have been posted for the March camp out.

Please check troop member area for printable slip.

RSVP & Permission Slips for January Available.

PLC January 7th!